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- Staging & Configuration

- Asset Management

- Warranty Management

- Order Fulfillment

- Deployment & Logistics

- Project Management

- On-Site Installation

- Reverse Logistics

- Remarketing

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Store on Demand Technology Deployments


Mainstreet’s Store-On-Demand delivers maximum simplification in technology deployments ranging from national, chain-wide technology refreshes to single store or single device deployments.


Client Benefits

  • Maximizes the efficiency & effectiveness of client’s IT assets
  • Scalable and responsive with rapid ramp up capabilities
  • Complete Accountability & Visibility to everything we do
  • Safe, secure storage of client-owned inventory
  • Eliminates expensive programming errors and out-of-box failures
  • Simplifies and reduces the time of on-site installation work
  • On Time, On Budget – ALWAYS

Pick & Choose from Any of Implementation Elements to customize the program for you:

Staging &Configuration

Mainstreet is expert in staging systems with depth down to respective store and lane level.  Our ability to replicate our processes and our consistent high-quality, ensure easy on-time installation at store level.  In fact, some of our retail clients are able to leverage their in-store personnel to perform installations and/or equipment swaps.

Asset Management + Just in Time, Accurate Order Fulfillments

Enjoy the benefits of getting the best volume pricing available from your suppliers teamed with Mainstreet’s hassle free, PCI-compliant safe and secure storage.  Through our client portals, you’ll be given full visibility to the inventory which we manage on your behalf down to serial number level detail.  

Warranty Management

Take full advantage of the warranty your suppliers include in their products.  Mainstreet will ensure that we maximize your warranty recovery to drive lower support costs.  Many times we are already approved by the OEM to provide warranty service.  If not already in place Mainstreet will work to obtain warranty authorization with the respective OEM to further streamline warranty recovery and turnaround times.
Mainstreet triage detects No Fault Found (NFF) and minor issues to reduce the cost of clients’ warranty claims and ultimately reduce their investments in service spares.

Remarketing Services& Secure e-Disposal

No need to worry about equipment that is no longer useful for your business.  Mainstreet will work with you to determine the best approach for each device taking into account your PCI-compliancy requirements.  Wherever feasible we will remarket the equipment on your behalf with shared proceeds of sale to help recoup some of your existing investment.  Our international network helps to ensure that we will get you the best price possible for your surplus equipment.  

We also provide environmentally responsible secure eDisposal solutions for surplus equipment. Certificates of destruction are provided, along with full destruction of hard drives and any other privileged information.